How To Use Block Editor in Woo Commerce

The recent update in technological developments has seen different features being launched primarily
in the website world. For instance, WordPress released WordPress 5.0, and one of the incredible
features that come with this WordPress version is the Block Editor feature. As said in the previous post,
Content is always king. Thus WordPress considered these sentiments, and thus, it's allowing its Websites
to have a more presentable content. This is what the Block editor does. The block editor allows you to
create your content in blocks' series in a new interface. In our today's posts, we are going to show you
how you can use the Block Editor in Woo Commerce.
Once you have installed the Plugin, you don't have to activate it; it does so automatically here are the
basic steps to install the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard.

1. Go to the plugins page on your dashboard and click add New.
2. From the Search Panel type and Woo Commerce Block editor and click search.
3. Activate the WordPress Dashboard.
The Block Editor can also be installed from the ZIP Archive through the following steps.
1. Go to the WordPress Plugin Page and download the Woo Commerce Block Editor.
2. On the Dashboard of the plugins, Page select Add New.
3. Upload the plugin by clicking the "Upload Plugin" button.
4. Select the file to be installed and click install now.
The block editor comes with numerous and incredible features that enable the Woo Commerce to
modernize and improve your products throughout. It allows you to customize in finer details on how
you want your product to appear.

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